Yassmina Gharbawi is the writer, cook, photographer and the creator of Yassmina’s Kitchen aka ‘smitten for my kitchen’

Since launching Yassmina’s Kitchen in 2015 it has been a learning curve both in the kitchen and online!

It started off as an Instagram page sharing daily homemade cooked meals which evolved into a blog/ website sharing recipes and adding food photography in the mix.

Ever since food photography became part of the ‘mix’, a lot of photos are shared from restaurants and different kitchens that she loves.

Through the blog, food photography and Instagram, Yassmina has had the pleasure of connecting with a lot of people in the food world as well as people’s general interests in food around the world.

Everything you read and see has been a self learning process over many years.

“Yassmina’s Kitchen represents the passion one has towards food. Its not about living to eat; food is an art and can touch all your senses and that is what fascinates me. Food has the capability to make the happy, happier and the sad shift and be filled with complete joy.”

Yassmina’s Kitchen is a self learning path & will continue to evolve and grow.

Everything is shared with love.

Yassmina lives in Beirut, Lebanon.




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